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B-RAD S Series

The B-RAD S equipped with a built-in transducer, the B-RAD S makes torquing and logging easier and more efficient than ever with its ability to read and display torque in real time. With torque and angle capabilities, the B-RAD S is ready for the most critical applications and will hold up to scrutiny on a variety of projects. The B-RAD BL S includes Bluetooth connectivity, torque check functionality, and automatic reaction arm release to minimize your downtime and maximize your torque output.

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29594B-RAD SELECT BL 275¾" or ½"50 - 270 Nm47
28264B-RAD SELECT BL 700¾"175 - 700 Nm21
28266B-RAD SELECT BL 1400¾"300 - 1.400 Nm10
28267B-RAD SELECT BL 1400-2¾"300 - 1.400 Nm71
28268B-RAD SELECT BL 20001"400 - 2.000 Nm6
28269B-RAD SELECT BL 2000-21"400 - 2.000 Nm19
28270B-RAD SELECT BL 40001"815 - 4.000 Nm3
28271B-RAD SELECT BL 4000-21"815 - 4.000 Nm19
28272B-RAD SELECT BL 70001,5"1.400 - 7.000 Nm2

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B-RAD 700 S, B-RAD 1400 S, B-RAD 2000 S, B-RAD 4000 S, B-RAD 7000 S

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