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RAD Torque and Oil and Gas

Shell, ExxonMobil and other Oil, Gas and Energy Majors prioritize safety. That’s why their global facilities use RAD Torque tools. They know RAD’s spark-free technology improves safety at their petrochemical facilities and refineries, and we know what the oil and gas sector requires.

Worldwide RAD

Oil and gas businesses worldwide employ RAD Torque tools. Our global distribution and calibration centers can efficiently provide unique solutions within this sector from bases located in the USA, Australia, Europe, China, and the Middle East and Africa.

RAD services and torque calibration allow you to use the most lightweight and accurate controlled torque equipment on the market wherever your activities are and the environment holds.

Onshore, offshore, and subsea solutions

Oil and gas safety and efficiency depend on torque precision. Cooling towers, refineries, and offshore activities need nuts and bolts, where downtime is costly.

Our RAD Torque pneumatic range of torque tools fasten connections effectively and correctly to prevent leaks before they happen. They provide exact, safe torque load for valve actuation, flange couplings, and highly controlled bolting to reassure pipe connections in torque-sensitive applications.

Many oil and gas operational areas lack compressed air or safe high-pressure hydraulics. Enter RAD Torque tools. Our electronic tools handle high-torque bolting needs while gathering safety data and providing torque and angle readings for precise work.

RAD’s cordless range of compact, dependable torque control systems work in the oil and gas industry’s specific settings without compressed air or reliable electrical supply.


Oil and gas companies lose money with every minute. RAD Torque tools save excessive downtime by allowing single operation during connection of flanges, pumps, and values while maintaining application precision.

Not only is downtime avoided when connections hold and don’t leak, risk of safety concerns and environmental impacts are too lowered. You profit from avoiding downtime, RAD is your return on investment.

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